Instructions Weber Concrete repair

For all repair work on concrete walls, floors, balcony slabs, concrete edges, lintels and the like. Inside and out.

Make sure the surface is clean and load bearing. Remove all rust and grease from reinforcement steel and treat with reinforcement primer. Pre-moisten surface and prime highly absorbent surfaces with Weber Primer.

260 ml tap water to 2 kg Weber Concrete repair

Add water and mix with a trowel or drill with paddle mixer to obtain a lump-free substance. At 20 °C Weber Concrete repair is workable for approx. 20 minutes. After approx. 2 hours it can be lightly loaded and after 1 day fully loaded. Do not apply below 5 °C.

After the mortar has set, finish the surface with a trowel or filling knife. Protect the mortar from drying out too quickly by covering or moistening it.

Shelf life
24 months after production date if stored frost-free in the original, unopened packaging.

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